Friday, November 21, 2008

Gm # 17: Wild 2, Canucks 3

Well that was....not...satisfying.

The Wild had a glorious opportunity last night, playing a divisional rival that had played the night before and whose star goalie got a night off.

Instead, Minnesota looked the tired, unfocused team while Vancouver played the opportunistic road team to a regulation victory.

The Wild is desperate for offense right now. That "One Good Line" from the start of the season having been figured out and disassembled as a result. Even a two-goal effort from Mikko Koivu wasn't enough to overcome a general lack of chances-created all game long, much less a late third period goal that left Wild fans facing the grim reality that there just was no chance they would be able to come back.

More disturbing, though, is this team's recent penchant for giving up leads. I count five leads (all one-goal) attained and given up over the last three games. Last night, as with the BJs game last Saturday, the Wild took and pissed away 1-0 and 2-1 leads. Now, their record when scoring first this season is 8-3-0, so it's not a critical issue quite yet, but it's not a good thing either.

This was a game where the Wild definitely missed a healthy Gaborik. *sigh*

The Canucks' first two goals went in off tips by or off of Wild players - which has to both frustrate and, oddly, comfort Backstrom who didn't play poorly, but just couldn't turn water into wine for us last night.

Chicken Little says:'s one thing to be great defensively, but if you can't even hope to win a game 1-0 you've got problems.

Pollyanna says: least they get four more at home...?

Bottom line: they lost. And a division rival gets a net two points on us.

Stud: Mikko was the best of the group last night. An even strength goal and a shorty.

Dud: Butch is failing this team when it needs him the most.


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