Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Musings

It's been a while since we did one of these, and there's just so much going on!

*Happy Veterans (US) and Rememberance (CAN) Day. To all those who serve or have served, or are related to those who serve or have served - we salute and honor you. Thank you for what you do and the sacrifices you and your families make on our behalf.

*The Blues are taking the (flagging) economy seriously. They have announced a fan bailout promotion where they will draw one fan (by section/row/seat) and pay that fan's rent or mortgage (to a max of $4k) for the following four months. They are going to do this at Saturday home games for the rest of the season.

*Great Hall of Fame class of 2008! Larionov, Anderson, Scapinello and Chynoweth. Outstanding stuff. Yzerman, Leetch, Hull, Andreychuk and Robitaille are all first-time eligible next year as well.

*I'm really not much for power rankings. Too hard to be objective. I think the quickest, easiest macro-stat to look at for in-season comparison of teams is the percentage of possible points (PPP) that a team has garnered. In other words, if you've played 10 games, you could have as many as 20 possible points. So, if you only have 15 then your PPP is 75%. To me, this accomodates the fact that teams will have played different numbers of games. Again, I don't think this tells "the whole story" of where teams should be ranked relative to each other, but it's a good proxy.

PPP Rankings (as of 11/11/08)

1. SJ 81.25%
2. DET 76.92%
3. MTL 75.00%
4t. BOS 67.86%
4t. BUF 67.86%
6. NYR 66.67%
7t. CHI 65.38%
7t. MIN 65.38%
9t. WAS 64.29%
9t. PIT 64.29%
11t. CAR 60.00%
11t. VAN 60.00%
13. NJ 57.14%
14. EDM 56.67%
15. ANH 55.88%
16. PHX 53.85%
17t. CBJ 53.33%
17t. TOR 53.33%
19. CGY 53.13%
20t. OTT 50.00%
20t. TB 50.00%
22. ATL 46.67%
23. NAS 46.43%
24. LA 46.15%
25t. DAL 42.86%
25t. COL 42.86%
27t. PHI 42.31%
27t. STL 42.31%
29. FLA 39.29%
30. NYI 35.71%

Anyone see anything debatable with where PPP puts these teams?


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Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Blues are stealing Norm Greens Starstakes idea!!