Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is it with Gaborik?

What really IS the matter with Wild forward Marian Gaborik?

Is it:
A player who refuses to go get treatment for his ‘undisclosed condition’ from the same specialists who returned him from the same condition - TWICE? And who is getting paid $7.5M this season to basically sit on his heine, while his team struggles thru what is the easiest part of their season’s schedule?

A management whose blatant stubborness borders on the absurd, whose sole goal is to become more secret than the former Soviet KGB when it comes to their players? Who thinks that the public (and the media, especially those media assigned to follow the team) should be a group of trained ’sheeple’ who should just accept what they say as almighty gospel, without a single shred of evidence to back up what they say?

Is it an ownership whose obsession with the almighty dollar is so strong, as to not do anything — AT ALL — to upset the apple cart when it comes to this team’s premier player? Including (but not limited to) negotiating by not talking to him? Or his agent? At all?

And then, the team accuses the media of stirring the pot, as it were, by asking questions about that player’s availability.

Just my opinion: The Wild and Gaborik are engaged in an NFL-style, 'pay me-or-trade me' stalemate. Gaborik refuses to play unless he is traded, which the Wild refuse to do, or paid what his agent, Ron Salcer, thinks he's worth, estimated to be $10M/year. So, both sides dig in and become obstinate, stubborn and the losers? Wild fans everywhere, who are stuck with a malcontented, surly, disgruntled player and a equally distrusting, obstinate, and hostile management whose 'siege' mentality belies the fact that the Hockey Operations department doesn't know what they can do.

Neither one wants the other. But without the other, neither Gaborik nor the Wild get what they REALLY want.

Rid of each other.

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