Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grilling Up Some Riseburgers

It's on.

The Wild has officially reached a Critical Moment in the hockey ops department for the first time in its history. As highlighted by the Star Tribune's Michael Russo in his biting, honest, no-holds-barred article today, GM Doug Risebrough appears to be the first executive in team history to be served up on the paying public's sacrificial altar.

Hey, this is pro sports gang. Slides like the one this team is on this season should be unacceptable. And, as Dad in Minnesota reminded me last night, there's a new Twins building, a new Gopher football building, the Vikings are in the playoffs, the Gopher bouncy-ball teams are stronger than they have been in some time, and there's still tons of other strong D1 and high school hockey all over the state. The point is that there are plenty of other options for Minnesotans looking to spend some of their (dwindling) entertainment dollar. So, Minnesotans sure don't have to pay Wild ticket/Xcel Energy Center dollars to see a subpar product - as the Wild seems to have become.

As Russo points out, the bareness of the cupboard is bad enough. But Risebrough's apparent unwillingness to make a trade/admit his mistakes just compounds that problem.

I have always said that I don't care who pulls on the jersey as long as they put out an honest effort.

Same goes for management.

Freshen up that CV, Mr. Risebrough - you may need it soon.



walkinvisible said...
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walkinvisible said...

here in cowtown, we all loved risebrough (the guy) and risebrough (the former player), but risebrough (the GM) sunk the team into a a hole we are just beginning to really emerge from.

think about his four year tenure here:

-the most lopsided trade in nhl history (ten players, with all the good ones going east).

-first round draft picks under his watch: niklas sunblad, cory stillman, jesper mattson, chris dingman, denis gauthier.

-the flames didn't make the playoffs in riser's first year at the helm. in his last four the flames made first round exits.

-risebrough was succeeded by interim GM al coates who inherited a prospect-less team, and boldly traded a wildly popular captain (niewendyk) for a future up-and-comer (jarome iginla).

my point ?
you need a new GM...