Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Moving On

As in, "moving on after that crazy-ass game last night..."

I suppose it's evidence that Lemaire has finally won that I'm sitting here thinking "Boy I hope we can get back to some good old defensive hockey Wednesday night..."

Anyway, Kevin Allen (USA Today) likes the Wild more, I think.

He says: "My sense is that teams enter a game against Minnesota confident, only to get beaten and left wondering why they couldn't win."

Good point. I think this has more or less been the case since day one.

Percent of Possible Points update

Again, this is the percentage of points a team has garnered divided by the total points they could have garnered (games played x 2).

1. SJ 85.42%
2t. DET 75.00%
2t. BOS 75.00%
4. PIT 67.39%
5. NYR 66.67%
6. MTL 65.22%
7. MIN 63.04%
8t. CGY 60.42%
8t. WAS 60.42%
10. VAN 60.00%
11. ANH 59.62%
12t. CHI 59.09%
12t. NJ 59.09%
14. PHI 58.70%
15. NAS 54.17%
16t. BUF 52.08%
16t. CBJ 52.08%
18. CAR 52.00%
19t. STL 50.00%
19t. LA 50.00%
19t. TOR 50.00%
19t. COL 50.00%
23t. EDM 47.83%
23t. PHX 47.83%
25. NYI 45.83%
26. FLA 45.65%
27. OTT 45.45%
28. DAL 43.48%
29t. ATL 41.30%
29t. TB 41.30%

And Paul Kukla brings Happy Hockey Day, 2008 full circle. Thanks again for a great idea Paul!



WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

OK, so the Wild are standings-points efficient. That doesn't say much when you still have 4 games vs. Anaheim, Detroit, and 6 games each with Calgary and Edmonton. Let's wait and see how efficient they are after the holidays, when hopefully they will force Gaborik to play or to move on.

maggie said...

Definitely agreed, WRT. Gaborik needs to realize that we're just getting sick of him by now.

I have a question Nick. Seeing as you are a goalie, does the color of your pads make a difference? I was thinking about this earlier and how Fleury switched from his amazing yellow pads to white and this season with Hollywood switching from gold to white.