Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Perspective Part 2

The Wild is on the longest run of regulation losses in its history right now (5 games.) They are going through an epic drought on offense - even for them. But how bad is it really?

Through 29 games...

in 2008-09:

They have scored 76 goals (allowing 66)
They're averaging 2.62 GF/gm
They scored 26 goals in games #1-9 (6-2-1)
They scored 23 goals in games #10-19 (6-4-0)
They scored 27 goals in games #20-29 (3-7-0)

in 2007-08:

They scored 72 goals (allowing 74)
They averaged 2.48 GF/gm
They scored 23 goals in games #1-9 (7-1-1)
They scored 28 goals in games #10-19 (3-6-1)
They scored 21 goals in games #20-29 (6-4-0)

The bottom line is that this year's team - without Rolston, Demo, Parrish, blahblahblah - is still scoring more than last year's team (with those guys.)

There's no doubt that the team is hurting for offense right now, but lets try not to get carried away with the hyperbole. Do things need to improve? Hell yes. But we don't need to take a wrecking ball to the whole roster (just to one guy.)



BReynolds said...

So then does it follow that the goals against must be up even more?

That hurts, especially from a defense first team...

Nick in New York said...

GA is down from 74 to 67 through 29 games. Backs has been that much better, I think.

The 9-10 game breakdowns are as follows:

last year:
#1-9 16 GA
#10-19 33 GA
#20-29 25 GA

this year:
#1-9 20 GA
#10-19 19 GA
#20-29 27 GA

Basically this tells me that our bad stretch last year (3-6-1 in games #10-19, 33 GA) was worse than our bad stretch this year (3-7-0 in games #20-29, 27 GA)...with the difference being that our bad stretch this year may still be happening. :)

Anonymous said...

How has overall GF and GA for the leage compared YOY. While the Wild is scoring "more" this year than last year, are other teams also scoring mroe than last year? It seems like, offensively, we are lacking compared to other teams and it seems like there are more goals scored, league wide, this year vs. last year. If this is the case, are we keeping pace?

WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

But we don't need to take a wrecking ball to the whole roster (just to one guy.)

And his trading season will apparently begin tomorrow night vs. Calgary, on a second night of a back-to-back for the Flames, at home in front of a national (in Canada) TV audience.

I'm sure more than a few pro scouts will be tuning in to the 'Gaborik showcase showdown'...