Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shredded Wiener Returns Intact, Presumably

Marian "Shredded Wiener" Gaborik (one of my favorite Russoville-isms in a long time) participated in his first practice in a while today, according to Mike Russo. This opens up the possibility that they bring him along on their upcoming road trip, possibly leaving a dinged-up Owen Nolan back in St. Paul.

While I can't imagine him being in game shape for a while, and I really can't imagine they'll play him until he's 100% ready, it is the first piece of real news on Gaborik's recovery we've had in a long time, and is also the first step towards the reconciliation of his contract situation that we've had in an equally-long time.



Unknown said...


Too far?

Anonymous said...

We'll happily accept your unwanted Shredded Wiener. :)