Sunday, December 14, 2008

Un-Wild (aka F this S)

This is pretty bad right now.

If they're not even going to try to right the ship themselves then it doesn't matter who the coach or the GM is. If nothing else, who is out there without a job? Pat Burns? Peter Laviolette? Barry Melrose??? Please.

It always seems to come down to a question of leadership "in the room" IMO. Any coincidence Nolan didn't make the trip?? Wild fans got all bent out of shape when the C went from Mikko to Kimmy, but really, what difference does it make if NO ONE is willing to stand up and be counted? I seriously doubt Mikko's sulking in the corner saying "why should I have to speak up, I'm not the captain?!".

I am getting pretty close to being back on the "trade PMB for someone with half a sack while the little guy still might have some trade value" wagon, though. No one on this team has done less with (allegedly) more than him, as consistently as he has throughout his career IMO. His problems stem from a lack of willingness to pay the price to score goals the way they're being scored in the NHL now. You can't teach balls.

With every game that plays out like this, Backstrom's price tag just goes up and up. I find it hard to believe that Risebrough still thinks he's going to sign Gaborik. I find it just as hard to believe that Risebrough thinks he's going to get $7M worth of salaried player back for him in a trade. In other words, Riser's got an idea of how the cap room will settle ex-Gaborik, which appears to be what he's said he's waiting for before working on the Backstrom situation. (Apparently our beloved GM is the worst multi-tasker ever.) So, Doug, it's time to call up Backs and get this guy signed. Yes, we all know how afraid you are of pulling a trade ("DOUG-ie GIL-mour, clap, clap, clapclapclap") but shit or get off the pot, eh?

The 800 lb. gorilla in the room right now is the whole "they've stopped listening to the coach" story. Regardless his pedigree, Lemaire has been here for a long time. And, if they have stopped listening to him, then all those Rings don't mean squat. I have no idea if this is happening or not. But this team appears to be rudderless right now. And there's just not enough difference between "good" and "lottery" in the NHL for this to go on very much longer without ill-effect to the balance of the season.



WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

If this bunch doesn't get moving, and soon, they will find themselves looking up at everyone except the Dallas Stars, who we can't beat, either.

Even the Columbus Blue Jackets can pass the Wild by Wednesday as long as the Wild keep losing.

Losing streaks indeed suck...

maggie said...

Agreed, WRT. The losing streak doesn't bother me as much as the fact that apparently the guys don't even care. Ff they play a good game but lose I'm perfectly fine with it because they at least tried. Every player/coach/GM/whatever needs a wake up call right away saying that they need to get their asses in gear if they want to even think about getting into the playoffs.

maggie said...

Ff should be if, just sayin'.