Friday, January 2, 2009

Gaby Back Under Knife, Out Minimum 10 Weeks *UPDATED*

Russo has confirmed the worst-case scenario.

More on this as it becomes available.

*** *** ***
...It's available.

Russo reporting that there's sufficient animosity between the two camps as to render any chance for even a 1-year extension moot. My feelings were that such a short-term patch would allow both sides an opportunity to maximize the return - Gaborik for his services after this injury is hopefully cleared up and Risebrough for Gaborik. But, obviously Russo's a lot closer to this than I am, so I'll go with his thoughts on that topic.

Thus, we should all prepare for a scenario wherein Gaborik walks on July 1st and we get nothing in return, or maybe we can trade him for "exclusive negotiating rights" for like a low pick or something.

Either way, we're looking at getting an exceedingly small return for the first draft pick in team history, the only remaining original Wild player, and the team career scoring leader.

This situation is so frustrating, that I'm going to refrain from typing about him here until there's a resolution.

Moving on...

*Now that this other thing is "resolved" Risebrough absolutely MUST get in contact with the Backstrom camp immediately. There's been some speculation of late that DR's reticence may have started Backstrom down the "I wonder what I could get on the open market" path. The last time Doug played this hand this way we ended up losing Rolston. Frankly, Riser better have learned his lesson.

*Mikko's back as captain for January.

*I went back and watched the complete Sharks game on the DVR. Best game of the season by a mile. The boys looked like it was a playoff game - and in some ways it was. The list of players who I felt played their best individual game of the year is long. Sheppard, PMB, Skoula, Schultz...the D activated nicely all game, they took the offensive zone with authority and purpose, didn't squander opportunities to get a shot off, created chances, were physical and played their usually-stellar defense. It was a good, solid 3-zone game.

*Can there be any doubt as to the value of Owen Nolan on this team? I've been pining for veteran leadership on this team for a couple seasons. Someone who would grab the kids by the balls and demand accountability. Looks like Owen might be the answer to my prayers.


WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

I really don't care what happens to Gaborik anymore. Thru this whole ordeal, it's been all about him. Granted, that is the way of pro athletics today...but as is said frequently, Karma's a bitch. What goes around, comes around. And, with the downturn in the world's economy, he'll just have to go elsewhere to try and get paid...

...which will be just fine by me.

"Good luck to you, young man.
Enjoy your time in Russia."
-- Larry Brooks, NY POST, on Gaborik

Dan said...

Consider a Backstrom a goner come March 1 when his NTC ends...