Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gm # 42: Wild 6, Coyotes 3

Man, what a goofy team.

Articles and blogs all talking about how they can't score 5:5 to save their lives...six (6!!) ES goals last night.

Bruno and Koivu called out in the media for not goal apiece last night.

The teams stars called out for being wusses/not team players...first Nolan and then Queen MAB (Queen MAB!!!) demand to get back into the lineup, do, and each scores a goal in his return.

Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of last night's 6-3 win over the Coyotes was how the team settled itself down after Phoenix turned a 4-1 deficit into a 4-3 deficit in just under six minutes in the third period. That was prime "shit the bed" territory for the Wild, but they bore down, Kimmy sends a beautiful outlet to Cal, who beats Bryz high glove to restore the 2-goal lead and then Shep goes all Cobra-Kai on the Coyotes to seal the deal.

That gut check was big.

The Wild has been doing a good job of limiting penalties all season, and they only gave the Coyotes one (22-second) PP all night.

But this ended up being a "get well" game for many different players. Hopefully they can keep it up going into the break.

Chicken Little says: But for a 60-minute effort this could have been a blowout.

Pollyanna says: I just knew they had that offense in them!

Bottom line: Slowly getting that record against the western conference back up towards 0.500...

Stud: Cal was engaged all over the stat sheet last night, hitting, (getting hit), assisting and scoring. Koivu got the GWG, but Cal put it away.

Dud: I said during the live blog that NASA launches space shuttles more quickly than PMB gets shots off.

Up Next: vs. Edmonton, Thursday 8 pm ET. (FSN-North in HD, SNET)


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