Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gm #43: Wild 5, Oilers 1

Remember December? The month with no hope? The month with a total of 14 goals for the period of the 5th thru the 19th?

Well, forget it, folks. the team we have grown more accustomed to is back on the ice.

Led, believe it or not, by Pierre-Marc Bouchard with a sweet goal in the third period and two assists, the Minnesota Wild won their second straight at home, defeating the Edmonton Oilers with a 5-1 greasing at Xcel Energy Center Thursday night. The Wild scored four of their 5 goals at even-strength, which means of the 11 goals scored in the last two games, the Wild have scored at full strength (5-on-5) ten times.

Cal Clutterbuck's screen shot and Krys Kolanos' rebound marched the Wild into a 3-1 lead early in the third period, all against ex-Wild goalie Dwayne Roloson, who must be sick of seeing his old team torch him game in, game out, every time he plays in St. Paul.

And, according to Star-Tribune hockey writer Michael Russo, Kolanos' play has opened the trap door at 'Chateau Bow-Wow' for Benoit Pouliot to sample Texas Bar-B-Que in Houston, as he was sent down to the Aeros during the game. His demotion saves nearly $800,000 off the Wild salary cap (Pouliot has a two-way contract). Pissed off, he reportedly flew out of the arena, all his hockey gear well in tow, heading for the Lindbergh Terminal to join his fellow temporary Texans.

Savor the 'W', folks.

Assembled Multitude? Whaddya think now?

Chicken Little: Thank God we're finally scoring at 5-on-5. Now, can we get some scoring from a few more players?

Pollyanna: PMB saw the light tonight. So did a few others. Hopefully B-B-B-Benny likes Texas beef brisket! (And remember, after practice, it's 'Moon Pies and Dr. Pepper'.)

Bottom Line: This is what the doctor ordered for the Wild; a nice shot of Oil. Greasing MacT and the Oilers is about the Wild's favorite thing (next to beating Vancouver, of course!) and the Wild were so happy to oblige. Next time, it will be at Rexall Place, though, so look out, Boogaard. (He's just SO loved there...)

Stud: We rip on him for not producing, so we have to cheer him on when he does. PMB, Dud-ism doesn't become you. Efforts like tonight, however, put you in everyone's good stead.

Dud: Well...Craig Weller, if for no other reason than the KO dealt to you in the third period, at the hands of Sheldon Souray. If you go with a guy, be sure you have a prayer of at least getting a coupla shots in, OK?

Next: vs. Anaheim, Saturday, Jan. 18, 8:00 PM Central for 'Hockey Day Minnesota' (FSNorth, FSPrime Ticket, RIS, XM Ch. 206)

Keep warm, Wild Nation!



Ms. Conduct said...

I'd give all the moon pies and brisket in Texas for y'all to take him back.

WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

Ms. C: Benny's all yours, darlin'.

Kent W. said...

Koivu's play to set up Burns last night was astonishing. It actually made me exclaim - out loud, sitting by myself - "WHHAATTT??"

Ms. Conduct said...

Then I want my moon pies back. :(

Kent, I agree... that was the play of the game for me. Koivu never even glanced back. I'm sure Burns said something to let him know he was there, but the way that fell into place was just beautiful.

WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

Burns' goal was made better by the fact that it was so fast. Maybe Koivu showed him something in practice.

Ms. C: You'd best let B-b-b-Benny eat the Moon Pies. After all, he needs something to sweeten his disposition...! :P

Ms. Conduct said...

Oh yeah, like I'd really share my moon pies with him. Don't even THINK about getting any brisket or Dr. Pepper, Benny.