Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Muscle Spasms" = Vague Enough

So the Wild has been adhering to the new "non-disclosure" injury report guidelines this season like they were quoted from the Koran. Gaborik is out with a "lower body injury." That kind of thing.

Well a new phrase has snuck into the Wild PR lexicon: "muscle spasm."

As in, "Owen Nolan did not dress last night due to muscle spasms in the upper body." SRV and Boogey were also afflicted by this growing epidemic recently.

Apparently muscle spasms are satisfactorily non-specific as to not allow an opponent to target that player's malady to the Wild's detriment. Either that, or it's just BS.

As someone who is occasionally afflicted with muscle spasms (who isn't?) I can tell you that they can be debilitating. But, these are athletes who relish the idea of playing with broken limbs and the like. Granted, this isn't the playoffs, but it's not like these aren't big games. Which leads me to believe that the team took some flack for their non-disclosure, put their PR heads together and came up with "muscle spasms" as a "specific" condition that they are willing to disclose, but that still obfuscates the truth of the matter.

Listen, this isn't about some First Amendment crusade for the Truth. It's about fans wanting to know the severity of their players' injuries, as well as fans not wanting to be dicked around with by the team on which they dote.

I don't think that's too much to ask.


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