Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Has Doug Risebrough Lost His Mind?

John Shipley, normally the "good cop" of the dueling Twin Cities newspapers' Wild beatwriter tag team, offered up some insight into the currently-jumbled mind of defenseman Brent Burns the other day.

In it, he discusses how Burns apparently suffered his concussion in practice on January 26th, but that it wasn't properly diagnosed until closer to March 7th, when he pulled himself from a game.

The first thing this makes me wonder is: what the fuck is wrong with the Wild's medical team? They have consistently mis-diagnosed injuries. Remember Mikko's leg injury was initially thought to be quite minor, which was a good part of why Ohlund only got four-games on his suspension, they waffled on Foster's recovery pretty much from the get-go, and now they fail to diagnose a common and serious injury in Burns' concussion. Sorry, folks, but that's an unacceptable record of mis-diagnoses.

The other thing that Shipley writes is a recounting of Risebrough's categorizing Burns this season as having "slipped back"(from last season, one presumes.)

Hold on a sec.

Burns, one of the best young players on this team, willingly agrees to fill Riser's self-created holes on offense by moving up from defense to wing, which understandably leads to a re-adjustment period when he finally switches back to defense, then gets hurt but is failed by the team medical staff, leading to an understandable drop-off in production and finally to a shortened-season....and Riser's going to call him out for "slipping back?"

Are you kidding me?

What the hell are you basing that on, Riser? Boy Wonder Chris Snow's Theo Epstein Wannabe act?

Burns managed to put up 8 goals and 19 assists in 59 games this season. That's 0.457 points per game. In his career, he has garnered 117 points in 326 games. That's 0.359 points per game. Sorry, the stats argument doesn't wash.

Is Doug Risebrough so out of touch with reality and so egotistical that he is resorting to throwing good, young, producing players under the bus as excuses for his own failure? First the coach, now the players? Is that it?

That is a disgusting, pathetic display of unprofessional slander. Brent Burns, for one, deserves better than that.



Unknown said...


If Riseborough isn't fired, I think Minnesota doesn't sell out every game next year.

Ms. Conduct said...

Woohoo!!!! Get 'im, Nick!

WRT - Wild Road Tripper said...

Q: Has Doug Risebrough lost his mind?

A: Yes, and this proves it.

Q: Is Doug Risebrough so out of touch with reality that he is resorting to throwing good, young producing players under the bus as excuses for his own failure?

A: Apparently, he is. No one is immune when DR kicks away the plank. And this may even extend into the Gaborik arguement as well; why would Gaborik dare listen to the Wild's team medical staff, when they have this type of track record? At the end of the year, the Wild had 3 players concussed, one with a broken toe and two with partially (or, totally) blown-out knees. Heaven only knows how badly the rest of them were mis-diagnosed.

Kirsten said...

Yes, yes he is.