Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts on the Draft, RFA tender day, UFAs on tap

The Wild qualified the following RFAs:
Kyle Brodziak
Robbie Earl
Josh Harding
Danny Irmen
Benoit Pouliot
Clayton Stoner

The Wild did not qualify the following RFAs:
Paul Albers
Riley Emmerson
Dan Fritsche
Peter Olvecky

I agree with KiPA: analyzing the just-completed draft is an exercise in futility. Since there are usually no more than a couple "sure things" it makes no sense to sit here and try to tell you I know the first thing about any of the rest of the kids that got picked. At some point you have to trust your scouts, right?

I am pleased that Fletch was able to acquire picks, move to get a younger, cheaper Fritsche, and re-stock our goalie drawer.

I do find it interesting that it was harder for teams to pull off trades than some of the prognositcators heading into the draft thought.

I am annoyed with the vocal minority of Minnesotans and Wild "fans" that pop their head out of their little hole on draft day and on trade deadline day to throw rocks at the rest of the hockey-consuming public. You simply can't judge a GM based on one draft. Well, not unless you don't care about coming across as a simplistic moron. The "we need more Minnesotans" set are always off-putting for their parochial arrogance, but to then turn around and claim that the Wild took the wrong Minnesotan is utterly ridiculous. Get a grip, people.

It's RFA tender day, and Russo thinks Fritsche may get cut loose. As much as I thought Fritsche did a good job, was a good soldier, etc last season, it won't break my heart to lose him. We're not going to win or lose the Stanley Cup based on whether or not Dan Fritsche is on the team - especially if Brodziak is what he sounds like. I hope Dan finds a place to thrive, but if it's not St. Paul then so be it.

It seems almost a foregone conclusion that Saku will join his baby brother in Minny. While I really have no problems with that (unless you're thinking that he's the answer to our #1 center prayers,) I do think that's a better situation for him than for the Wild. Not that it's bad for the Wild, but talk about a soft landing for a guy looking for one more multi-year contract before he (likely) skates off into the sunset! If he does sign here, I hope he stays healthy and can help us anchor our second line. I hope he and Mikko enjoy playing and living together. But I really hope it doesn't cramp Mikko's style at all - though I assume it wouldn't - because he really should become the first permanent captain in team history this season, and I would hate to think that he would in any way fall into his big brother's shadow.

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BReynolds said...

"Well, not unless you don't care about coming across as a simplistic moron."

Or... you get a job as a sports columnist for the Strib named Jim Souhan. Either way, still makes you look stupid.