Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yet more thoughts on the Wild 2009-10 Schedule

WRT has more opinions on the 2009-10 Wild schedule (We can't believe it, either...we know)

The more I think about it, the more apparent it becomes that the Minnesota Wild need to come out of the pre-season ready to do some heavy lifting in order to get back in the playoff chase.

"But it hasn't even STARTED yet!"

I know, I know...but when 4 of your first 5 games (and 9 of your first 11) are against teams that actually made the playoffs last season, it will be readily apparent early on whether the Wild are ready to be contenders...or pretenders. Buyers...or sellers.

No Southern California road trips after the New Year. No trips to Vancouver in January, February and March, when the BC Lower Mainland will be screwed down like a vise for the Winter Olympics. No trips to Alberta between Dec. 11 (at Calgary) and March 3 (again, at Calgary). Only 5 games starting after 8 PM Central time after the Olympic break.

Just thinkin' out loud, folks...

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