Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kane Lucky, Unfortunately

Yes, Chicago star Patrick Kane got lucky when his "sentence" became writing an apology to the hack that he treated like an opposing forward in the corner.

Unfortunately his reaction continues to be that of a spoiled, stupid, immature, naive kid who probably will have this roll right off his back (after perhaps a year of dwindling taunting from opposing fans, not to mention cabbies).

"Obviously, I'm in a little different situation than most kids at this age but at the same time I think it's definitely been a learning lesson and something I want to move forward on," Kane told City Court Judge Thomas Amodeo before receiving his sentence. "It's maybe better I learn it now than later in life."

Outside the courtroom, Kane apologized to his family, the city, the Blackhawks and his fans "for being in a regrettable situation."

"But it's behind me. It's time to move on," he said.

Yeah, no, big boy.

If it's such a lesson it better not be behind you. That doesn't mean you have to dwell on it every second of every day, but it does mean that you maybe learned that you're not all that and a bag of chips - even in your hometown. Apologizing for being in a regrettable situation doesn't imply that you realize that you either created that situation or didn't but totally shit the bed when you found yourself in it. The regrettable situation is that Pat apparently thought he could "Do you know who I am" his way out of his regrettable situation.

That the hack was apparently only looking for an apology means that he's either very nice, or didn't actually get beat up as was alleged, or perhaps both.

But that doesn't detract from Pat (and his handlers) still apparently not getting it. The problem here is not that he got into it with a cabbie over just enough money to tape up one of Kane's hockey sticks one time. The problem is that Pat thought that was an appropriate thing to do, that he thought he was entitled to...what? Better treatment from the cab driver? That better treatment, in this case, would have been...not locking the door on the cab (which would have pissed me off no doubt, just not to the point of violence) and giving Pat a couple pennies in change. Really? That's what Pat thought he was entitled to? What a shame. Apparently Pat's mommy and daddy never taught him to treat others as he would like them to treat him. That's too bad. What's even worse, though, is that it appears they aren't taking THIS opportunity to fill that parental oversight. And the circle remains unbroken.

See you next time, Pat.

Stay classy.


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Anonymous said...

Messy situation, there and in other sports as well, when players think they are Gds (fans swallow so much, eh?)
and above the law or even just common horse sense. Lesson learned, are you kidding me?