Monday, September 14, 2009

Camp Opens

With the on-ice portion of training camp officially underway, the season really is finally approaching.

Russo's got a great take on the early look at the new system.

The Kalus thing just sounds dumb. I can't believe Kalus is going to make the team based on how much he emulates Clutterbuck - at least not more than his ability to put the puck in the net. I mean, yeah, do what you have to do to get noticed, but I'll be more interested if he uses this early "momentum" to transition into showcasing his power-forward skillz.

Also, Russo refutes the reports that Sykora has "signed" with the Wild, indicating that he is only coming on a "tryout." Not that I question what Russo's saying, but I say "bullpoop." I can't imagine why a player with Sykora's tenure lifts a finger to tryout for a playoff bubble NHL team - particularly when he'd HAVE to leave mucho dinero on the table to do so. I hope we get the full story on this because, well because I find international cloak and dagger stuff like this in sports interesting.


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