Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cal Skating?

Wow...Russo tweets (@Russostrib) that Cal Clutterbuck, he of the dreaded high ankle sprain, is skating with the team this morning. Not necessarily that he will play, mind you. But just skating is a surprise.

Or is it?

The Wild's medical staff has made a cottage industry out of mis-diagnosing players. Starting with Mikko's broken leg, to Burnsie's concussion (which begat the infamous "middle seat in coach" situation), to PMB's concussion, there has been a string of massive failures by the docs on staff. Perhaps Cal's high ankle sprain is just another notch on their belt?

Look, it's never cool to blow a diagnosis, but especially when we're talking broken bones and concussions. Obviously it's good for the Wild if Cal can return sooner than the month-plus it was originally feared he'd miss, that's not the point. The point is that you have to be able to rely on your medical staff, and from the fan's perspective anyway, the Wild's med staff is relatively unreliable.


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