Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Statistical Analysis

Okay, so you don't need numbers to tell you the Wild is in a bad, bad way. That 1-6-0 record, last in the conference, 2nd-worst in the entire league spells it out perfectly.

But, chew on this for a second:

Through seven games, the Wild has never lead after the 2nd period, NOR held a lead at any point in the 3rd period. Wow. They've only been tied after 2 periods once - that was in Vancouver the other night, and they eventually lost that game.

What's funny is that, while they are giving up the first goal more often than not (5 out of 7 games), and getting behind by at least two goals more often than not (4 out of 7 games), they're hanging in there in the first period (only trailed after 20 minutes twice.) It's the second period (outscored 13-5) where they're falling apart.

I would think they're nice and centered at the opening face off, but then the stresses of live action and an inhospitable opponent are forcing them to make decisions that is testing their fleeting resolve. Then one mistake begets another and the wheels come off in the second. Then they have been able to show some pride in the third and mount a couple comebacks (only one of which was successful.)

One presumes TR will use these couple of days off to practice, practice, practice, but one also hopes there's some kind of group activity away from the rink planned as well - to blow off some steam and bond and all that new-agey crap.


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Michael Crow said...

The Wild have a lot of things working against them so far. Six of seven games on the road, new system,new players,lots of injuries, and overall below average talent on the team.

Still I think by season's end this should be a much better team than now.