Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Wild Fans On Verge of Hysteria

Yikes. So, yeah, the Wild is off to a bad start. Pretty much no way to sugar coat that. Clearly there are some assimilation issues, that were likely also exacerbated by a fractured roster at camp due to injuries. But now, as the injuries are piling up, there's just no margin for error. And confusion and indecision on the ice - where you may only have a fraction of a second to make a decision - is a damp, warm petri dish where errors can grow like, well, like viruses.

So, it's rough sledding right now.

And while it's probably still a tad too early to be salivating about winning the draft lottery, some Wild fans are inching closer to the abyss of fan irrationality with an alarming singularity of purpose and focus.

Geez, guys, get a little perspective, why dontcha?

Look, we all knew this was going to be a rough start to likely a rough season. Too much new stuff to deal with for athletes as habitual as any out there to suggest otherwise. And we also knew that they were painfully thin on high-end offensive skill. And we also knew that JL Doc Browned a whole that was far greater than the sum of its parts - at least in terms of wins and losses - more successfully than any invention since the Flux Capacitor. So why the gnashing of teeth (you got me, I just saw an in-theater trailer for Where the Wild Things Are - Jim Gandolfini's voice is PERFECT for a Wild Thing)?

Of course no one wants a loser. But had we really deluded ourselves into thinking new and different was absolutely going to equal better in this case? Really? Aren't we a smarter group of hockey consumers than that?

My suggestion is to just enjoy the fruits of Purple Moses and give the Wild time to sort itself out. If they end up lagging in the wins department this year, then maybe there'll be a nice top five pick at the end of the rainbow.

But this is the first time this team has really put us through growing pains like this. Maybe we ought to give them a break. It's still better than no NHL team to root for.



Unknown said...

Here here. And honestly, things can't get any worse than they are right now... right? (knocks on wood).

Anonymous said...

Things will right themselves eventually, I don't expect that we'll be a real contender until after Bouchard is gone and Johnsson makes hella less money... Until then we got some time to kill...