Monday, November 16, 2009

Au Revoir, WRT

For the last twenty months or so, the man you all know as Wild Road Tripper has been gracing this space with game recaps, travelogues and other opinion pieces.

When he agreed to come on here it was as a huge boon to me - as I had found myself being pulled in too many non-blog directions to pay what I felt was an appropriate amount of attention to HTP.

Since then WRT's contributions have been greatly appreciated by me.

As he indicated, he is going to devote more time to his own blog, Mileposts and Goalposts which promises to continue to provide a unique and interesting perspective into the travel industry as well as the exploits of a well-traveled sports fan.

I for one will continue to read him there, as well as look forward to bumping into him at the odd Wild game (home and away.)

Thanks for everything, WRT.


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