Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Game #30: Wild 1, Avalanche 0: Just win, baby


(Note: This is a short-version because my attention was spread out, but I saw enough to know that I didn't like what I saw.)

DirecTV customers were rather thankful they don't get Versus right now, because the cable channel's Game of the Night wasn't even as entertaining as watching a dog of less-than-average intelligence chase the shiny part of a flashlight on the carpet, and there wasn't as much action as the pooch would provide, either.

But there's no nitpicking or arguing with the results. Antti Miettinen's early goal, his eighth of the season, held up and Niklas Backstrom made 22 saves as Minnesota downed Colorado, 1-0, to bounce back from a shutout loss at Phoenix.

Wild offense: Andrew Ebbett must mean that much, eh? Colorado routinely allows 30 or more shots per game and the Wild barely got to 20 (22). Let's just move on.

Wild defense: The best defensive play of the night came from Martin Havlat, whose timely "oops, did I do that?" dislodging of his own goal cage seconds before a Colorado goal protected the lead. Props to Greg Zanon (five blocked shots) and Kyle Brodziak (three).

Avalanche offense: Cover-your-eyes awful.

Avalanche defense: It's an easier job when your offense is on the power play a lot.

Stud: Versus reporter Lindsay Soto. She's hot.

Dud: Soto. Doesn't mean she's good at her job.

Leader: Minnesota's penalty killing units, successfully preventing Colorado from scoring on any of its six power plays, and sometimes, not even allowing a shot on goal.

Lagger: John Scott, for causing three of those power plays.

Turning point: I don't know, was there even one turn in this game? The Mittens goal I guess. Put the road team ahead early.

Key play: The Colorado no-goal.

The Assembled Multitude removed their hands from their eyes long enough to chime in with their thoughts:

Chicken Little: Did I miss something? Is Lemaire coaching again?

Pollyanna: Um.. er... well.. hey, it's a win. Hurray for Backs! First shutout of the season!

Bottom line: Hey, it's two points, on the road, against a division opponent ahead of Minnesota in the standings.

Next: Friday, Dec. 11, at Calgary, a step up in competition, at 8 p.m. CT, on FS-North and FS-Wisconsin and XM 237.


Nick in New York said...

Best Stud/Dud ever! LOL

KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

I think I came to that decision with about 13 minutes left in the game. Didn't matter what happened from that point on. Koivu could've gotten a hat trick, or Stastny could've, Backstrom could've had to make 15 out-of-this-world saves... it was going to Soto no matter what.

Nick in New York said...

Funny to me because on the message board during the game we were like "whoa...Lindsay's not got her A-game tonight in these interviews..."

KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

I'm not sure she has an A-game. That Carissa chick they've had a couple times is both hotter and better.