Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wild, Avs Fire Up Way Back Machine; Bore Us To Tears

For all you Wild hockey nostalgists out there, last night's game in Denver was for you.

Was this new-fangled, up-tempo, forecheck-like-a-banshee Todd Richards heathen hockey just wearing you out? Then I hope you caught the snooze-fest at Pepsi Center. It could have been any Wild game from 00-08 if you didn't look at the names on the backs of jerseys.

The Wild, on a goal from Antti Miettinen and a handful of saves from Niklas Backstrom took down the Avs in a 1-0 "Ambien Special."

Here's the thing: have we as Wild fans really bought into this newer style so quickly and thoroughly that last night's game was so obviously a departure from the fan's perspective? I mean, there was all kinds of caterwauling for an end to Lemaire-ian hockey. Most of it from non-State of Hockey peeps, to be sure, but a fair number of Wild fans had also gotten on that bandwagon by the end of the Risebrough/Lemaire regime's tenure.

There's no judgment here, just trying to take the pulse of the fans. Of course, it's easier to love the one you're with, so to speak, when the one you're with is 7-1-1 over their last nine games. But,'s not like Devils fans are hating having Lemaire back right now, either. The Wild has less star power this year than last year, and they're not as successful in the win column...yet the product is....better....right?



KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

I almost want to say it's more Lamiorello's style than Lemaire's in New Jersey. The Devils haven't changed how they've played one lick since Lemaire left, no matter who was behind the bench.

Nick in New York said...

and, the times when they've had a coach that tried to "tweak" it, they've always regressed to the mean.

BReynolds said...

Even high tempo teams are going to have the occasional 1-0 game. Especially against a NW division opponent with little real talent that needs to rely on a defensive posture to win.

Yes, it looks and sounds familiar, but even the Pens, Wings, and Sharks win games 1-0 on occasion.

Besides, the game was on Versus, so no one saw it any way.

KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

Lamoriello and Lemaire are the same person anyway. They look almost exactly alike, they have very similar last names...they're clones. The question is who is the original?