Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Burns Getting Closer?

Per Wild Pondcast tweet. Interesting.

Perhaps not coincidentally:


The Minnesota Wild today announced a new line of fan giveaways for the remaineder of the 09-10 season. Team Vice President of Brand Marketing John Maher said, "We noted the continued success of player-oriented 'bobblehead dolls' and decided to come out with our own, Wild-based player dolls. Only, instead of bobblehead dolls ours will be, appropriately, 'brokenhead dolls.'"

Mr. Maher had on display the first in this series, a brokenhead doll bearing the likeness of Brent Burns. Looking like a bobblehead doll in almost every way, the only difference is that instead of the head bobbing up and down, on the brokenhead doll it sort of lolls to the side, hanging limply.

"We wanted to give a true representation of our players, and our team's unique penchant for contracting concussions. It's something that the Minnesota Wild is known for and we thought it would resonate with fans," said Maher.

In addition to Burns, a brokenhead doll with a likeness to Pierre-Marc Bouchard is planned, though Mr. Maher indicated the team is going to hold off until it is known whether or not the young forward will be able to resume his career.

Additionally, the Petr Sykora and Andrew Ebbett brokenhead dolls will be released on a yet-to-be-announced schedule.

"The thing with these kinds of premium launches is that you don't know how long it will take," explained Maher. "Each one is different. And it's tough to establish a baseline from one to another. So, with the Sykora doll, for example, it could be two weeks, or it might be two months before our distributors have it available."

In order to fill the anticipated gaps between launches of new brokenhead dolls, the team also announced a new line of giveaways called "Team Doctor Voodoo Dolls" where lucky fans will receive a voodoo doll likeness of one of the team medical staff, complete with pins.


BReynolds said...

Well done, Nick. Well done. It's been too ling since you let out the real NiNY.

Dampland said...

TOO funny almost got me.

walkinvisible said...

i just wanted to officially invite you, my namesake and mortal enemy on nights like tonight, to the gamethread over at tonight if you're watching the game.