Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sykora Postmortem

Lots of autopsies on the Petr Sykora/Minnesota Wild experiment today as the Wlogosphere masticates this "story."

Sure it didn't work out, for any of a number of different reasons.

But here's the bottom line for me: I'd still rather have a GM with the honesty to see a hole in the roster and the sack to go out and try to fill it, than a GM with neither of those qualities.

There's no GM out there with a 1.000 batting average on FAs.

But Wild fans should have a clear memory of a GM with both a crippling case of myopia and a stunning ability to delude himself into a state of reticence, if nothing else.

No, the grass ain't always greener....but in this case it is.


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Blake said...

You're exactly right Nick. Not only that, but you've got to like the fact that Fletcher obviously has a great deal of respect for Sykora and is willing to let him try to catch on somewhere else. There are any number of teams that need scoring and could take a chance at Sykora on re-entry waivers, or would be willing to give something up to get him. He hasn't lost anything...In my opinion, he just wasn't given a fair shot in the lineup by Richards.