Saturday, February 27, 2010

Golden questions


Some questions to consider, and potentially to worry about, ahead of the USA-Canada rematch for Olympic gold:

--Does Ryan Miller have another Jim Craig performance in him?

--Is Canada better prepared after having to fend off a determined Slovakia team, compared to the United States having a cakewalk in the semifinals?

--Is Sidney Crosby saving his breakout Olympic performance for the last game? (He has six points, one off the team lead, but it seems he's been a little quiet.)

--Who do the Americans put their top defensive players against: Crosby's unit, the San Jose line, or the Ryan Getzlaf-Corey Perry line, which might be Canada's best? (Or at least the hottest.)

--Did Patrick Kane wake up just in time?

--How will Roberto Luongo handle the pressure of playing in the biggest game of his life, not just in Canada but in his NHL home?

--Will Canada decline any power plays it gets? Oh wait, that would've been a question for Russia. Never mind. (Belarus had a better power play than Russia. Not even the Belorussian mothers would've thought that.)

--Will American viewers have to suffer through Pierre McGuire on NBC or will he be off with TSN or some other Canadian network?

--If a US player scores in the third period to snap a tied score, does he celebrate like Mike Eruzione did in 1980?

--If he does, do the hockey gods punish him by letting Canada score twice in 30 seconds?

There are others, like who will be the hero, who will be the goat, etc., but that's enough to chew on for now. Enjoy the game.

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