Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wild vs. Panthers in Possible Stanley Cup Finals Preview

Made you look.

This game is so bereft of intrigue, Cal Clutterbuck might not even be around to do his Mike Richards impression on David Booth.

Boogaard's still suspended and stuff....good God...there's got to be some curling or dancing show or something else on, right?

The good news is the Cats are not appreciably better than the Wild this season.

The bad news is that the Wild continues to play down to their opponent.

The good news is that Fletcher tried to inject a little life into this game by recalling Petr Kalus.

The bad news, for those that have to be exposed to the Wild broadcast, is that the Wild's TV announcers - among the worst in the entire league - will probably butcher the pronounciation of Kalus' name. That's just how they roll. They're arrogant, ignorant dooshbags. But they're OUR arrogant, ignorant dooshbags.

Should be a swell time down at the Xcel Energy Center tonight. I can't think of a better way to start off the quest for 500 (sellouts).


Russo blogging that Clutterbuck is indeed out. Is that singing show with that crabby British metrosexual judge still on tv?


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