Thursday, August 12, 2010

All-Time Worst Wild Team, con't

by NiNY

So, I see we touched a nerve....

Great stuff so far (and thanks to the Hockey Wilderness boys for helping!) on the list.

Seems there's some interest in defining who is - or more accurately isn't - eligible. Over at GTRCMBSHP one of the regulars opined that players with 10 or fewer games with the Wild shouldn't be eligible. He also suggested a "Maxim Sushinsky Rule" wherein a player who was only on the Wild for one season, would need to have appeared in 30 games in that season in order to qualify.

I'm indifferent at this point. On the one hand, I can see how that's fair. But on the other hand, I'm not sure how I feel about robbing Bill Muckalt or Chris Simon of their opportunity to be included.

Also, it is clear to me that Martin Skoula is going to be the lightning rod of this exercise. There can be no doubting he made some truly spectacular gaffes; as when he tripped over his own goal line, leading directly to a goal for noted sniper Nigel Dawes. But there is lingering recollection (grudging, perhaps) of periods where he was at least reliable and, at best, a standout on the Wild blueline corps (the end of the '08-09 season, for example.)

And, even if you were to adopt the suggested qualifiers above, you'd still have a list that, in addition to Skoula, includes the likes of Filip Kuba (NHL All-Star!!!1), Alex Henry (former captain!!!!1), Shane Hnidy, Lubomir Sekeras, Daniel Tjarnqvist, Ladislav Benysek and Sean Hill. In other words, you wouldn't be hurting for options.

The debate about Skoula has been brewing for a long time. And it's a legit debate - on both sides. Part of it was a truly special job of mismanagement by Risebrough when setting our expectations for Skoula. But the man also played ineffectually enough to warrant getting scratched because he got called out in the press (howhow, Russo!)

Carry on.

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