Monday, August 16, 2010

Wild Onesies


So, a couple regulars over at GTRCMBSHP are expecting. Her hubby has been making hockey/Wild-themed onesies (via DIY iron-ons).

So far they have:
It's ok to be a (insert Canucks logo here) HATER.
Girl Gone (Insert Wild Logo here) on the front and on the back by her butt it says It's not my diaper that stinks it's the (insert Canucks logo here).

So, we started riffing.

Here's what we've come up with so far:

I weigh more pounds than Shep scored points last season

I ate more times yesterday than Shep had points last year

I pooped more times yesterday than Shep had points last year

I took more naps yesterday than Shep had points last year

I'm pass(ifier) first, shoot second

I'm a hockey fan, and I've got the teeth to prove it!

The goal horn scares me, thank God I'm a Wild fan

Does this diaper make me look like I'm wearing breezers?

Sure I play defense, just try to get this bottle away from me!

Working on my hockey mullet.

Nordy-Free Zone

My diaper rash is Iron Range Red

If you think the beer at the X is expensive, try the milk!

Dan Terhaar's Vocal Coach

Got groin? (Marian Gaborik pic optional.)

Butt Paste - it's not just Alex Burrows' after shave.

What do I have in common with the Avs? We all have to use "No Tear" shampoo.

Yes, I suck my thumb. No, the Canucks haven't drafted me yet.

Man, those Sedin twins are creepy!

Can't skate. Can't shoot. Still can't lace my skates. DR 1st Round Draft Pick 2028.

Me > Skoula

I'm not just bald, it's a tribute to Zanon.

I look up to Pierre-Marc Bouchard....barely

I'd never make Burns sit in the middle seat in coach.

I Crap My Pants, For Russo's Rants

I'd rather eat creamed peas than be a Canucks fan.

Smarter than Greenlay.

Excuse me, ma'am, I speak Greenlay

Official Mike Greenlay Translator

Gorg Scares Me

Falness Scares Me

Got any other suggestions?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

(front) I'm glad you like hockey
(back) because there's a puck in my diaper

Future Wild popcorn machine operator

(front) What does this baby have in common with Backstrom?
(back) I just let through a softie.

(front) I painted a picture of Nordy!
(back) It's in my diaper