Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wild Gm 1 thoughts


See Wild games 1-8, reference 9-27, also please check games 28-54 and don't forget about games 55-82 last year.

Okay, so yeah that's some hyperbole. But, my wife is making fun of me for taking a half day off work to watch that. And I feel the shame. I mean, think of the things I could have done with that half day! Finally scheduled that root canal, proctological exam, gone to Wal-Mart....

Was it really that terrible? No, of course not.

But it wasn't good, and, more importantly, it was a carbon copy of the average Wild game last season. You know, when they were supposedly worse than they are now. When they didn't have any center depth, like they do now. When they were still learning Richards' system, like they presumably should have by now. When they didn't have a defensive specialist assistant coach like they do now.

Did I expect them to look like the Blackhawks? Of course not. But I don't think it was unreasonable to expect them not to look like...themselves....a year ago, just the same.

They won a bunch of faceoffs which is definitely an improvement. But that was until the three critical ones late in the 3rd, down a goal, that they lost. I've heard that song before.

They were actually okay on offense, with some decent pressure and good down-low work. But that was countered by their ridiculously bad defensive coverage all game. Yep, I know this movie.

They had some moments of good, concentrated effort. But they were more-than outnumbered by the inexplainable, inexcusable lapses. Right, I remember this book.

This better not be good enough for them. Because it's not for me.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: Cam Barker, welcome to the dog house. Move your feet man! How can it be that hard? It can't. I refuse to accept that it can be that hard to move your feet as an NHL defenseman. Unreal. But that's not why you're in the dog house, brochacho. No, you're in the dog house because you released the Cracken of the homer Wild fan pining for the All-Minnesota team. It's right there in the comments section of Russo's gamer. Some dolt saying great we've got Barker and Leddy makes the 'Hawks and so we could have had a good Minnesota boy playing for us instead we've got you (Barker.) Look, you skate around wearing cement blocks on your feet, that's pretty bad. But you cause THAT rabble to come up from mom's basement and shake their gnarly maw at the you've got a problem, and that problem is me.

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KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

My favorite part about that last bit is how Leddy was despised as a draft pick by so many people when he was selected. Maybe that's still how most fans feel, I don't know.