Friday, October 22, 2010

Wild Gm 6 Thoughts (@EDM)


Not the best game for the Wild. BP is a young, fast, talented team, other than Khabibulin - he's old. But BP used their speed to dominate the Wild in nearly every facet of the game. Fortunately, Kyle Brodziak was able to show off in front of the home fans and provide the difference for the Wild.

And both of his goals were even-strength which is huge.

Clearly the Wild's power play is unconscious right now. But there's no way it keeps up this pace all season. So getting goals like Brodziak's - and from the lower lines, to boot - is obviously very important.

Backstrom had a very strong game. Good to see him play well in Edmonton.

Zanon....I don't know. He hasn't been AS awesome as he was so often last season. He's not making the little plays that lead to penalties. He's just seemed like he has been a step behind so far.

I nearly couldn't believe it when I saw Staubitz on the ice with a 1-goal advantage and only four minutes left in regulation. I tweeted @russostrib asking him how many times he'd seen Boogey on the ice in that situation and he said none. Just sayin'.

And boy watching those Edmonton forwards fly around...very impressive stall of young studs they've got up there.

So, it was a road win. Not a good win - but there are no BAD road wins, right?

Up next: a sleepy little visit to Vancouver.

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