Friday, October 8, 2010

Wild Gm2 Thoughts


Was it better?

Man...that's hard to answer. They came out guns blazing. Mikko was in one of his Terminator modes and that's a sight to behold. But, when it didn't amount to anything (offense-wise) you could see them grow more and more reticent to keep the pedal to the metal, even after Bruno scored, as the first period came to a close.

Then, one monumental brain fart from Bax early in the second, and tie game. Cam Ward was steady throughout and spectacular on the odd occasion where the Wild did get a big chance. Unlike yesterday, Backstrom was as well. The difference was a sweet shootout move from the former figure skater Jeff Skinner who has all the makings of a smallish scoring dervish.

Again, a nice advantage in draws-won for the Wild.

Better defensively throughout the game and the lineup - including Cam Barker who was at least a lot less noticeable than yesterday - and you can't be disappointed with one goal against through 65.

But, where the offense was solid yesterday, it struggled today. Ward played a big part in that obviously, but it's distressing how easily the Wild is put off the scent on the attack.

Nystrom again had a fantastic view of a Canes goal. I dig his grit, dropping the gloves, but I'd rather see him drop an interloper in the slot - especially when said interloper has the puck on his stick and he's the closest defender to him. Havlat must finish some of these chances. Miettinen has no business being on any NHL team's first line.

Was it better?


They did get a point out of the deal this time.

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