Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Musings, Some FUs


First, nice little streak the Wild has put together. Hasn't helped them in the standings, but at least the games are more fun to watch. The drive for drafting just outside the money picks is on!

If you want to read crappy, myopic, hockey-stupid, ugly American-style hockey "journalism", read Adrian Dater of, well of whatever the hell the Denver papers are called these days (Rocky Mountain Post?) He's everything that undermines any of the MSM types when they try to claim that new social media/blogger types are not legit like they are. And that's a battle I've never really taken a side on. But Dater's just a waste. Don't read him. Don't give him and his paper the satisfaction. He's the Matt Cooke of hockey writers.

Speaking of which, does anyone actually think Jack Edwards is, I don't know....good? Smart? Has integrity? He's horrid. He's as big a homer as any PBP guy in the league (the Wild's own tv PBP is right there with him, as far as I'm concerned.) But the homeristicness is bad enough (see his comments during last night's set-to towards the end of the Bs/Thrashers game) but it's the quasi-wannabe-intellectual ranting that he pukes up every once in a while when he's particuarly exercised about some outrage perpetrated against the Bs.

Jack: you're not that smart. You sound like an idiot when you go off. You were a jackass at ESPN who couldn't even hold down the SOCCER gig there (ouch), and you're a hack on NESN covering the Bs. You embarrass yourself. I'm embarrassed for you, and I don't give a crap about you! The Farrelly brothers should have cast you as Warren in "There's Something About Mary."

And, I hate it when players who wear half-shields fight with them on. I don't care if you wear a half-shield. But if you're going to fight, be a man and take it off. Lookin' at you, Evander Kane.


KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

I'm torn on Edwards. Sometimes I like him and sometimes I don't. It's always situational. He's often so over the top that sometimes all I can do is laugh at him, but occasionally the things he spews are just so outlandish that my only emotion is scorn. He definitely has no integrity and is a gigantic homer. Whoever does radio for the Avalanche is always amusing because he throws so much (homer) emotion into it; with Edwards it sometimes comes across as an act, a schtick, that often misses the mark.

Nick in New York said...

I think he calls PBP fine. It's the editorializing that he does that gets him off the rails to my ear. The rest of the stuff he does is just ridiculous to me. He's at least as good as Haynes (Avs) and the Wild's goofball (Terhaar) at actual PBP. But the extra crap just spoils the decent PBP for me.

KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

Just like on the other post, there's no "Like" button for me to hit in response to this comment. He's fine at PBP, yeah. When he goes off on a tangent, to me it varies between being over-the-top funny and over-the-top nonsense.