Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wild Can't Even Lose Well


There's that line at the beginning of "Gladiator" when Maximus' Roman army has the Gauls/Huns (or whomever they're fighting) beaten but for the fighting and the one general says to Maximus "People should know when they're conquered." And then Maximus answers him "Would you? Would I?"

The Wild, apparently, would not.

This team, with this group of players, and especially with this coach, is not going anywhere. Mark my words.

That two-game losing streak? Fine.

14th in the west? Not low enough - to get into solid lottery position.

So what do they do last night in a building that used to haunt them? Against a team that used to have its way with them? Featuring a star player who used to dominate them? The Wild played a solid game.

A solid road game.

Chipping it in, getting it deep, clearing the zone, marking up on the backcheck....seriously guys, what the hell?

Mikko was very, very good last night.

Backstrom was as well.

Zidlicky was tidy in his own zone - and that, if nothing else, is how you know the Wild wasn't trying hard enough to lose.

Yes, for a contending team, that would have been a very satisfying road win. For a team that's not going to amount to a damn thing this season, that was an ill-timed aberration.

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Wallshot said...

I agree with you Nick, they need to lose more, but have faith - they will lose most of the rest of their games.