Saturday, April 9, 2011

Credit Where It's Due

by NiNY

The boys sacked up last night. Big time.

Team records for PIMs all over the place. Stoner (stupidly) getting tossed seven seconds in for not having his fight strap fastened was only because Stoner grabbed his stones and fought Peckham seven seconds in, so I'm okay with that.

It was a complete reversal from the wuss-fest in Vancouver Thursday night, and hey...the Wild won. Go figure.

Well, they were playing the Oilers and beating the Oilers is what Minnesota does. But still...

Nice debut from Bagnall. Good grit, didn't crap on the ice. I'm not in love with Noreau yet. And he's getting big minutes in scoring situations (e.g. the power play). But who knows what this team will look like next year so I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I can actually scout, or that you want to read my scouting.

If that ends up being Theodore's last game as a Wild player, I thank him. He came in and did a great job this season in what had to be a major pride-swallowing situation. I hope he finds a situation where he can be a #1 next year.

Finale Sunday against the Stars. It would be nice to carry over this truculence to that game and show the Stars we're not just going to grab our ankles when we play them. Also, a beat down of Ribeiro would be awesome.

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