Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Game Sevens, Two Different Feelings

by NiNY

Two games into the now-four game first round game seven docket, and we saw two very different games.

In the salad course game, Philadelphia crushed Buffalo, chasing Ryan Miller in the process. The game, for a game seven, was flat and relatively staid. This likely has a lot to do with the control the Flyers exerted over the Sabres.

The main course game, however, was a different story.

The seven games of hockey the Canucks and Blackhawks just treated us to constitutes a tremendous series. This one had it all. The rise and fall of heros. Villainy. Intrigue. Heartbreak. Hell, this series brought an entire city of human beings right up to the precipice of mass suicide. And game seven was a perfect microcosm of that whole thing.

Luongo, so maligned over the last week, stepped up and had a very strong game. It certainly helped that his defense kept the Blackhawks at bay for most of the game. And, his detractors will point to the tying goal as further proof that he can't come up big in the big moments. But the fact is that he won the game and, more importantly, he corrected many of the issues in evidence over the preceding three games (limiting rebounds, staying on his feet longer, etc.)

The Canucks showed little regard for class after the game, in some comments from some of their players. But, A) Canucks and B) I suppose, when one blows a 3-0 lead and squeaks by with the smallest of margins, one has to do what one can to restore one's dignity, if not swagger.

In the final analysis, this was a heavyweight matchup. I frankly can't see any other potential series in the West being as good - though I'll be happy to be proven wrong on that - if my heart can handle it.

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KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

We had quite a first round, barring the train wreck in Pittsburgh tonight and whatever happens in Boston. (Side note: Why the fuck is BOS-MTL tonight? They just played last night, you want them playing back to back nights? When another Eastern Game 7 is already scheduled? I'm much more interested in that one than I am in my own game, believe it or not. I almost want to stay home and watch Habs-Bs. Anyway.)

I flip-flopped in the VAN-CHI series. For some time now I've hated Chicago for the silliest of reasons, then I sort of reversed my stance after Game 5, then I was back on board to see if they could complete the epic comeback to end all comebacks. Naturally they lost as a result. No one I want to lose is losing in these playoffs, and that'll count the Lightning tonight.