Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Blind Squirrels

by NiNY

It feels good to get one right every once in a while.

I've been out of town for the last four days. So I missed all the action around the draft.

But, honestly, I couldn't be happier.

The Wild is finally giving up the ghost. Finally accepting that you can't simultaneously try to draft and develop AND fill your cup to the brim with UFAs. Finally realizing that sometimes you DO have to take a couple steps back (in the wins column, perhaps) in order to start taking steps forward.

You know all the particulars. But we now have a coach coming off a year where he worked very well with our youngsters. And we have received a big infusion of young, offensive talent into the organization - critical steps needed to start closing the gap between us and the other young re-developing teams in the conference and league.

I've been all over gtrcmbshp.com lobbying for the Wild to "blow it up" and start over. That the Wild needed the kinds of high first round picks that become top scoring line players. Well they didn't go all in on "blow it up", but they certainly went farther down that path than I thought they would.

And it sounds like Leipold is on board (based on what Russo's reporting.) So that's great. I was afraid the main impetus to 'stay relevant' in the short term would come from him.

So, here's to Fletcher being frugal. Here's to buying out Barker and then keeping those spots open going into camp to give the kids a real carrot to chase around the rink between then and now.

And here's to hope.

Hope that the Wild may finally be on the right path for serious real.

To Chuck Fletcher: here's my promise to you. If the team stays committed to this youth movement and consistently tries hard next season. I won't complain if they go 0-82.


artandhockey said...

Amen, but patience will be needed for sure by Fans, Coaches, Players AND owners.

Nick in New York said...

Totally. And I get that patience is a tough sell to Wild fans after 10 years of being asked for patience.

But the water that's under the bridge is going to remain under the bridge. I hope people can appreciate that and accept the team for what it is in reality today, as opposed to what it might have been if they'd done x, y or z n-years ago.

I'm honestly excited about the team right now. I haven't felt that way in a couple seasons.

artandhockey said...

And am I crazy? I feel rather positive about The Panthers who appear to be in a similar spot!
Trying to BUILD a winning team!
And we might see some building blocks (lol) via Rampage in San Antonio.