Friday, June 17, 2011

Random musings


A collection of random thoughts on the world of hockey.

--How hilarious will it be if Daniel Sedin wins the Hart Trophy?

--I hope the Penguins sign Jussi Jokinen. That, and re-signing some of their free agents, is all I'm asking from free agency this summer. Supposedly, Jokinen might be too "soft" for the Penguins; well, they need to soften their standards. Jokinen possesses actual skill, which the team sorely lacks up front.

--Speaking of Pittsburgh free agents, I like the re-signing of Craig Adams. I'd like to see Mike Rupp, Pascal Dupuis, Dustin Jeffrey and probably Tyler Kennedy back, but not if Kennedy's asking for a boatload. Max Talbot? It pains me to part with the 2009 Game 7 hero, but he just hasn't been doing enough to justify a raise in pay.

--Are all the Bob Luongo supporters still out in full voice? You know, the ones who criticized people for saying Luongo still isn't a clutch performer, despite his gold medal win in the Olympics? A friend of mine had the best line after Boston won the Stanley Cup this year: "Bob Luongo, so that's what happens when Team Canada isn't around to bail you out."

--Luongo was just along for the ride; Canada won in spite of Luongo, not because of him.

--Hang on, someone in a Canucks jersey just set my car on fire. Surely an anarchist, not a hockey fan. Anyway, be right back.

--I was disheartened to hear a couple weeks ago that Dallas won't/can't make an offer to keep Brad Richards. One, because that team needs him. Two, because Richards is likely headed East, and that's bad news.

--So, Mike Yeo as the new head of the Wild, eh? Good luck with that.

--Nah, seriously now. I'm not sure how good Yeo will be; his main duties as an assistant with the Penguins were the power play and.. I think the defensemen. Coincidentally or not, those were two of the team's biggest weaknesses the last year Yeo was here. Of course, the power play got even worse after he left. He was quite the scapegoat for the power play but he clearly wasn't the (only) problem.

--It turns out I eventually became a Bruins fan in the final. The extreme douchiness of the Canucks pushed me away from them, as painful as it was to see another Boston team win a championship.

--Brad Marchand is the only real pest for the Bruins, even though he's a Grade A asshole. I don't have too much of a problem with anyone else on that team. Pretty much everyone on Vancouver can go suck a donkey, though.

--I will not tune in for a second to any NESN broadcast next season, even if it means watching a game in standard def on Center Ice instead of HD.

--Some friends and I are doing a miniature golf tour this summer. We named this week's tournament the Rick Nash Classic. Yeah, what of it?

Until next time, folks.

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