Friday, September 16, 2011

Heatley's History, Numbers Are Encouraging

by NiNY

Ask a Sharks fan and they won the trade.

Ask a Wild fan and they won the trade.

Something's got to give, eh?

I don't know what will come out of this season for Dany Heatley and the Minnesota Wild, but I do know this: Dany Heatley thrives after a trade.

Just look at his splits from the last year with one team to the first year with a new team:

03-04 Atlanta
31 GP
13 G
12 A
25 Pts
0.80 pts/gm

05-06* Ottawa (*Lockout)
82 GP
50 G
53 A
103 Pts
1.25 pts/gm

*** *** ***

08-09 Ottawa
82 GP
39 G
33 A
79 Pts
0.87 pts/gm

09-10 San Jose
82 GP
39 G
43 A
82 Pts
1.00 pts/gm

Gaborik had 77-42-41-83 (1.07) in 07-08.
Rolston had 82-32-45-77 (0.93) in 05-06.
Gaborik had 65-38-28-66 (1.01) in 05-06.

For his career Heatley is 669-325-364-689. Dany's a 1.02 pts/gm player for his career in the NHL. Per 82 games, Dany has averaged 39.87-44.66-84.53

The closest Wild player to that is Gaborik who totaled 502-219-218-437 (0.87). Per 82 games that's 35.78-35.62-71.40 for Gaby (raise your hand if, like me, you didn't realize Gaby had as many apples as he had grapes.)

Rolston is pretty close with a career 241-96-106-202 (0.83) with the Wild. Per 82 that's 32.76-36.17-68.93 for Brian.

I like that Dany has something to prove after getting traded by San Jose. I like that he's the most-prolific scorer the Wild has ever had, without having played a single game in Iron Range Red yet. I like a lot about Dany Heatley. I just hope I continue to like him after the games start.

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Jeremy said...

I really want to like Heater as well. But I hated him for so many years. Scoring 30 goals would probably fix that.

But he needs to not be a whiner about playing in Minnesota. Plenty of time for that to go bad.