Monday, December 12, 2011

Yeoism Taking Root, Converts

by NiNY

Let's keep the good vibes about the Minnesota Wild rolling. Minnesota sports team fans know better than most just how quickly the tide can turn, so you have to enjoy it while you can. We've certainly done our share of wandering around the desert, so to speak. Maybe we're due for a return to Canaan.

Mike Yeo's passion, his steely-eyed determination and his results have created a bit of a cult following that's gaining momentum. There's a whole twitter account dedicated to this movement (@churchofyeo) and the brilliant Ms. Conduct offered an expose on it in her Backhand Shelf piece yesterday.

This is certainly a topic that's worth celebrating, so here's my gold, frankencense and myrrh:


Holy Trinity: Father (Leipold), Son (Fletcher) Holy Ghost (Yeo)
Holiest Site: 175 Kellogg Blvd. W
Vatican: 317 Washington St.
Cardinals: Flahr, Mill and Harder
Bishops: Wilson, Sydor, Mason and Hendrickson
Apostles: Bombardir, Mackasey, Lapointe and the rest of the scouts
Fiery Local Preacher: Walz

Henceforth shall time before the 2011-12 season be referred to as years BYE (Before Yeosian Era), and, starting with the 2011-12 season be referred to as years AH (After-Hiring).

For example, "In the 10 seasons BYE, the Wild were really never a comeback threat if they gave up the first goal. Thanks be to Yeo."

Any nascent religion needs people, scratch that - believers - at the grass roots level spreading the word.

So, Wild fans and Yeoism converts, I ask you how you would build upon this religious movement?


Nick in New York said...

From my friend "Hockeydad" at "Would Mikko be The Rock (aka Peter), as in the one one whom Yeo will build his church?"

Absolutely! Looking forward to everyone's additions.

Anonymous said...

Surely Yeo for President must be on the cards?

Nick in New York said...

@anonymous I tweet it after every WIld win.

Anonymous said...

Hockey Lodge, when does Yeo get his own jersey for sale?

Nick in New York said...

Ha! Should probably a simple burlap robe and some sandals, though, no?