Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fuck It

by NiNY

I can't hold out any longer. I said the Wild would be a playoff team this year and so I've been holding out hope long after most of my sane friends have already bailed.

But, after that loss to Anaheim, I'm done. I'm out.

This team is dreck.

It's time to start jettisoning the UFAs and flotsam. If Brodziak wants to sign for a reasonable amount of money, fine. Otherwise, send him packing. Zanon, Lundin, Christensen, Harding - the time for Fletch to see how fungible they are is over. It's time for him to take the best offer he can get and move on.

Stockpile picks, maybe use them to move up in the draft and get into the money positions.

Do this right. This was a stall year anyway. We got teased with a hot month's worth of play. And that was awesome. So awesome that your humble blogger got stupid and jumped on the bandwagon.

But this wasn't going to be a playoffs-or-bust season. So now that we're all back on earth....just go ahead, Chuck. Pull the trigger. Keep pulling it until the magazine is empty.

If Fletcher wants to go all the way out of the room and come back in, then getting in position to get into the top few picks in the first round would be a huge part of that. Our pick alone probably won't be enough.

We don't have the depth to go after a Rick Nash (and I can't believe we'd make his approved list in the first place).

Dumping the aforementioned UFAs isn't going to make us look more like we're rebuilding than we already are, if you're concerned with harming your position in the Parise sweepstakes - he knows what the state of our franchise is, how "close" we are. We're either in the race for him or we're not. Trading Zanon doesn't change that.

The one thing the Wild has never done, well other than win a Cup, in it's short existence is truly suck. Lemaire and, it must be said, Richards and now Yeo, kept them just competitive enough to not completely suck - which is nice from a moral victory standpoint, but not nice from a "stockpile money first-line type talent" standpoint. And I'm sick and tired of moral victories with this team.

Now, perhaps we wouldn't have wanted Risebrough at the helm even if we'd had those picks. But that's water under the bridge, too. Fletcher hasn't unearthed an AJ Thelen yet. So I'm willing to give him a swing at that pinata.

I'm not suggesting the Wild tanks the rest of the season. I'm just saying it's time to accept reality, turn the page on playoff expectations for this season and do the prudent thing: which includes moving your impending FAs for what return you can garner.

I was wrong. I was wrong to jump in bed with the Wild. I apologize for that. But I see and admit the error of my ways now. I'm willing to atone. I'm willing to walk the path of righteousness.

Fuck it.


bozak911 said...

you just hit this point now? our season jumped the shark when we let Edmonton win in our building...

Nick in New York said...

I'm nothing if not a man of integrity, Boze. I said they'd make the playoffs and I'm proud that I held out hope longer than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

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