Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Zidlicky Mess

by NiNY

You know, the one thing this star crossed Wild season was missing was a proper player drama.

Unquestionably the way Zidlicky and his agent have handled his desire to be freed from the chains of the Wild was not the optimal way to either curry favor with Wild fans or make Chuck Fletcher's job in accomodating him easy. Not that that matters to Zidlicky.

While Wild fans may fret about what return we get for him, I think they should also consider the "addition by subtraction" of getting rid of a player who doesn't want to be on the team in the first place, as part of the "return" for trading him. If Zidlicky wants to step into the crosshairs of Wild fan discontent at the way this season has disintegrated, that's his business - again I suspect he couldn't care less what Wild fans think about him at this point.

Look, we're talking about a guy who chose to escalate this via the media in the first place. Clearly the value of public perception is lost on him.

However this works out, and whenever that resolution occurs, it likely can't come soon enough for some in the Wild organization - and it's not a reach to assume that list includes the GM and the head coach.

The question was raised about whether this makes the Wild look bad to potential free agents. My reaction was that this is a relatively unique and specific situation with Zidlicky. But, who really knows? He is not the first player to become disenfranchised with his team and want out, and he won't be the first player to get his wish. It happens. I don't think too many players will necessarily hold that against the Wild.

And, to the earlier point: if they don't want to play here, then we don't want them.

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