Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I don't get it

I'm having a hard time parsing the Rick Nash to the Rangers deal here.

I mean, I get that he was highly coveted and why the Rangers wanted him. I'm just baffled by the return that Scott Howson got for him.Brandon Dubinsky? Artem Anisimov? Tim Erixon? Ok, I get the first round pick. But Dubinsky and Anisimov have always left me ... underwhelmed. Tim Erixon I know nothing about. He might be the sleeper in this deal.

But overall, Howson got jobbed, which leaves me asking why the hell does he make this deal? Nash had a NTC with the Blue Jackets. He could decide where he wanted to play. Even if he gave Howson a limited number of options, it still begs the question why Howson made this deal, and why he made it now.

A few thoughts on this.
  • I've heard that the BJ's ownership wanted Howson to cut costs. My response to that statement is that there are better ways to cut costs than to trade your best player. Shirley there are other players on the team that could be moved to relieve costs. 
  • Nash's salary was 200k less than his cap hit this year, and the same next season.
  • James Wisniewski makes 7 mil this season at a cap hit of 5.5 mil. If the BJs wanted to cut salary, trading Wisniewski makes more sense to me than trading your best player. Granted, it's tougher to do with a Wisniewski than a Nash, but if I'm Howson, that's one direction I'm looking
  • Dealing Fedor Tyutin is another place to cut costs
  • If you're getting lowball offers, you can always wait it out, and make the deal when it better suits your needs.
Unless Howson was specifically told to gut the team, beginning with its captain, the only justification for this deal seems to be that he wants the team to suck for the next decade to stockpile high first round picks and rebuild through the draft. I mean, look at their coach if you want any evidence of that theory.

That said, the Jeff Carter Experiment lasted less than a season. Howson got the business on that trade as well. The whole thing reeks of desperation. At least I can understand - and empathize - with that.

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