Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Dump In 093012

by Nick

Another fun show - with intro/outro music!

Thanks to our friend Encrimsond, and his band Castle Danger, for the awesome music.

Topics from tonight's episode:

*Mike initiated a fun exercise: in the agreement that ends the lockout, there is a salary cap reduction. Each team gets a couple 'amnesty buyouts'. Who do you cut? We looked at the top five teams by cap hit on, and offered our thoughts.

*What are the main personality traits necessary to be a Minnesota/Wild sports fan?

*Will realignment ever happen? And, if so, how will it look?

*Our BS Ranking of the week: we ranked the last 10 17th overall draft picks from the NHL Entry Drafts. Truly an exercise in BS.

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Thanks for listening!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Introducing The Dump In

by NiNY

So we've got a podcast.

It's about hockey.

Give it a listen. Then tell us what you think. Either here or on Twitter @htpthedumpin


Monday, September 3, 2012

Retiring My Hockey Angst Is Boring

by NiNY

Earlier this summer, you may recall, I laid to rest my Minnesota hockey angst. The Wild had gone out and signed Parise and Suter and it really just didn't feel worth it anymore to carry around that Minnesotan hockey fan chip on my shoulder. It just seemed like, to continue to be all misanthropic/Napoleonic anymore, was just going to make me out to be a truly miserable person. To be fair, it's not like we won the Cup, so it's not like we have nothing to be angsty about, but, well you can read the post if you want to/haven't already.

But here's the problem with retiring your angst: it's boring.

Take the lockout for example. Given what transpired in early July, Wild fans have every right to be more excited about the 12-13 season than any other group of fans. But there's this pesky lockout thing darkening our door. But, I just can't get up any real head of steam about the basic injustice of the stupid league locking out and delaying THIS season. I guess I'm more mature now, right? How lame.

I've gotten as far as (what I think is) a pithy title for a post, and then it all sort of falls apart. It's not writer's block. I can think up the post. It's just that, having buried my angst, what's the point. We still have Parise and Suter, and Granlund and Brodin and everyone else. Backstrom's still in a contract year. Mikko's....well I don't want to over do it.

I'm trying to say that my "Give A Shit" level about this lockout is stuck in idle. I can see both sides, to a degree. I don't even get all frothed up about the rhetoric (it's like some people have never seen a negotiation through the press before). I was mildly bummed out that the Red Wings cancelled the Traverse City tournament, although I understand why they did.

My dog chewed up my Wild hat (honest to God) and I didn't even go into palpitations - I just got a new hat.

I wouldn't say I'm in some kind of zen inner peace place. I just....meh.

So what do I want. Well I want the season to start on time. I'd like to be able to watch this lineup compete in NHL contests. But I don't feel the need to gnash my teeth about what if they don't.

I mean, this is progress, I guess.