Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Dump In 093012

by Nick

Another fun show - with intro/outro music!

Thanks to our friend Encrimsond, and his band Castle Danger, for the awesome music.

Topics from tonight's episode:

*Mike initiated a fun exercise: in the agreement that ends the lockout, there is a salary cap reduction. Each team gets a couple 'amnesty buyouts'. Who do you cut? We looked at the top five teams by cap hit on, and offered our thoughts.

*What are the main personality traits necessary to be a Minnesota/Wild sports fan?

*Will realignment ever happen? And, if so, how will it look?

*Our BS Ranking of the week: we ranked the last 10 17th overall draft picks from the NHL Entry Drafts. Truly an exercise in BS.

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Thanks for listening!

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