Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TDI 112712

by NiNY

Ornery show tonight. We got riffing on the lockout stuff and, well, it got real. I read a quote from Matt Majka in Russo's blog post tonight that set me off. We discussed it.

The Big Question

The new development is that the sides have agreed to official (non-binding) mediation. The question is, is this meaningful to the negotiations?

The Rundown

We rank the top five catch phrases or words associated with the lockout that most make us want to kill puppies at this point. Some fun ones in there.

The Arena

Can fans do anything in reaction to this lockout, that would impact whether there is a next lockout? In other words: do the fans have ANY leverage in these matters? So frustrating.

The Quote

Mike finds inspiration from Barry The Mullet Melrose for tonight's quote.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

by NiNY

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We're especially thankful for memories of the NHL, and food.

To that end, here's a little "separated at birth?", Minnesota Wild and Thanksgiving version for you.

You all know this guy.

But man does he look like Food Network star chef Marc Murphy!

Happy thanksgiving, you guys!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TDI 112012

by NiNY

We're back, and with a Wild-centric show tonight.

We hope everyone enjoys a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

The Big Question

What is the history of the Minnesota Wild's 2002 7th round draft pick. We follow the thread of this pick and what it yielded to and cost the Wild from inception until today. Fun exercise. Lots of good Sergei Zholtok memories [chorus of angels].

RIP Sergei

The Rundown

Speaking of Zholtok, we rank the top 3 trades the Minnesota Wild have done that involved future considerations going one way or the other.

I bet this is the only time you'll hear a reference to this guy on TDI!

The Arena

Mike and I debate whether the Gilbert-for-Schultz trade had an impact on the Wild's ability to sign Ryan Suter this summer. Tough debate, give it a listen.

The Quote

The immortal Bob Froese with tonight's quote.

Happy turkey farts!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

TDI 111512

by NiNY

What a fun show! We were able to get Jen, (@nhlhistorygirl, nhlhistorygirl.com) to join us tonight and she was awesome! We talked about how a NHL History Girl becomes a NHL History Girl, how she pursues her craft and even dished a bit about which NHL teams might not be taking their history very seriously (hint: rhymes with Hash Pill).

If you're not following Jen on Twitter, you're missing some great stuff. And you can get a good dose of it by listening to this week's show.

The Big Question

What's the life of a NHL History Girl like? We got Jen to take us through her background, and how she sees the game today.

The Rundown

Jen and Mike rank the last five decades of NHL hockey. I bet you'll be surprised by which decade came out on top!

The Arena

Jen and I face off about the All-Star Game. Is it relevant? If not, how do we make it relevant? Or do we even need to?

The Quote

Jen gives us not one but three great quotes to close out the show.

Our thanks to Jen for doing the show, and hopefully we can have her on again in the future.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Miscellaneous Thoughts

by NiNY

*This lockout has become a ridculous side show. On a day when the Vikings win (I'm forced to watch them now, as you heard in last week's TDI episode) and it's a surprise 60 degrees outside, I couldn't care less about the NHL. This is not to say that I wouldn't watch it if it was a normal regular season night (read: they hadn't embarked on this lockout) but just that I'm hardly dependent on the NHL, even this season, it turns out.

*I'm not making one of those silly threats never to come back to the game whenever it returns. I think both sides are ridiculous, but I realize that, as a fan, I have no power to bring them back to the table on my own or collectively with other fans. The league and the players don't care about the fans. Yes we pay their salaries, blah, blah, blah, but they know as well as we do that we're coming back. While some people may very well give up their season tickets, my guess is others will buy those seats and the league will not see a meaningful drop off in revenue as a result of the lockout - at least ultimately and maybe even in the short term after it is actually concluded.

*I still think that IF the fans would get together and punish the league for putting us through this, it could be a meaningful thing. I'm talking about empty buildings, no merchandise sales, etc. Do that for a month or a season when they deign to return and yes, it would open some eyes. But, until that happens, we as a group have given them zero reason to respect us. It's a classic symbiotic relationship: we give them our money, they take our money.

*FWIW, my favorite hockey writers are: Bob McKenzie, Elliotte Friedman and Michael Russo. If at least one of them doesn't say it, I don't believe it. And, more importanly, I don't get excited or hopeful if one of them doesn't report it.

*My beer league team is off to a .500 start through 9 games, with the 10th game tonight.

*Speaking of which, I've got a new hockey-related endeavor: Puck You PanCan. I'm pledging money to donate to pancreatic cancer research based on how my beer league team performs this year. Check it out at puckyoupancan.blogspot.com.

*Open note to the NHL and NHLPA: you know that new hockey bag, new sticks and new helmet I'm sporting this season? Yeah, that's the money I would have otherwise spent consuming the NHL product.

*Speaking of beer league part two: as I discussed on Twitter last week, in our game last week some guy decided the more expedient way to defend me was to punch me in the back of the head and knock me out. Swear to God. We were winning (5-2) and there were 6 minutes left in the 3rd. I'm skating on our 3rd (read: checking) line- and no threat to do anything but trip over my own skates. I'm getting into the slot to try to screen the goalie and this son of a bitch punches me in the back of the head. My teammates said I went down like a sack of spuds, face first (that new helmet I mentioned has a full cage). I know the guy got a penalty off the play, but seriously...come on. By the way, we play that team again in 5 weeks.

*Blog posts that are entirely copy/paste exerpts of other people's work are tedious and a waste of time.

*I just counted and there are nine thoughts above, seems crass to not finish with ten, so here goes: an interesting observation is that my interest in other hockey (NCAA, AHL) seems to have ebbed with my interest in the NHL. I have no interest in watching the NHL Network, no interest in the NHL game I have for my XBox, can't even bring myself to wear my Wild hat. I've watched a couple Gopher games, but didn't miss them this weekend when they weren't on TV. I'm not going to pay to stream Aeros games. I don't know how much of that is guilt by association, and how much of it is just sympathy lethargy. But, regardless, if it's that out of sight out of mind for a hard core fan like me, it must be out of sight out of universe for a casual fan.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

TDI 110412

by NiNY

We're back! We actually had a show recording last week - and it was shaping up to be a great show, too - but ran into techincal difficulties which prohibited us from finishing it. Then we tried to do a re-take later in the week and that got FUBARed, too.

But we got through a full recording tonight, and covered some great topics, to boot.

The Big Question

It's been a quiet week in NHL/NHLPA negotiation land. Though that's not to say there weren't meetings between the two sides. Is the lack of negotiating through the media a good thing or a non-issue?

The Rundown

In honor of our lost episode from last week, we rank our favorite AHL team logos. Click here for a preview of our favorite.

The Arena

Here's the game: you're an NHL GM. There's a fantasy draft of current NHL players. Which player from the Wild roster do you build your team around. Mike and I square off with our picks.

The Quote

Mike takes us out with a hilarious quote from Brendan Shanahan.

Tonight's show was brought to you by Famous Grouse scotch and Maker's Mark bourbon.