Sunday, November 4, 2012

TDI 110412

by NiNY

We're back! We actually had a show recording last week - and it was shaping up to be a great show, too - but ran into techincal difficulties which prohibited us from finishing it. Then we tried to do a re-take later in the week and that got FUBARed, too.

But we got through a full recording tonight, and covered some great topics, to boot.

The Big Question

It's been a quiet week in NHL/NHLPA negotiation land. Though that's not to say there weren't meetings between the two sides. Is the lack of negotiating through the media a good thing or a non-issue?

The Rundown

In honor of our lost episode from last week, we rank our favorite AHL team logos. Click here for a preview of our favorite.

The Arena

Here's the game: you're an NHL GM. There's a fantasy draft of current NHL players. Which player from the Wild roster do you build your team around. Mike and I square off with our picks.

The Quote

Mike takes us out with a hilarious quote from Brendan Shanahan.

Tonight's show was brought to you by Famous Grouse scotch and Maker's Mark bourbon.


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