Thursday, November 15, 2012

TDI 111512

by NiNY

What a fun show! We were able to get Jen, (@nhlhistorygirl, to join us tonight and she was awesome! We talked about how a NHL History Girl becomes a NHL History Girl, how she pursues her craft and even dished a bit about which NHL teams might not be taking their history very seriously (hint: rhymes with Hash Pill).

If you're not following Jen on Twitter, you're missing some great stuff. And you can get a good dose of it by listening to this week's show.

The Big Question

What's the life of a NHL History Girl like? We got Jen to take us through her background, and how she sees the game today.

The Rundown

Jen and Mike rank the last five decades of NHL hockey. I bet you'll be surprised by which decade came out on top!

The Arena

Jen and I face off about the All-Star Game. Is it relevant? If not, how do we make it relevant? Or do we even need to?

The Quote

Jen gives us not one but three great quotes to close out the show.

Our thanks to Jen for doing the show, and hopefully we can have her on again in the future.

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