Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TDI 112012

by NiNY

We're back, and with a Wild-centric show tonight.

We hope everyone enjoys a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

The Big Question

What is the history of the Minnesota Wild's 2002 7th round draft pick. We follow the thread of this pick and what it yielded to and cost the Wild from inception until today. Fun exercise. Lots of good Sergei Zholtok memories [chorus of angels].

RIP Sergei

The Rundown

Speaking of Zholtok, we rank the top 3 trades the Minnesota Wild have done that involved future considerations going one way or the other.

I bet this is the only time you'll hear a reference to this guy on TDI!

The Arena

Mike and I debate whether the Gilbert-for-Schultz trade had an impact on the Wild's ability to sign Ryan Suter this summer. Tough debate, give it a listen.

The Quote

The immortal Bob Froese with tonight's quote.

Happy turkey farts!

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