Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TDI 112712

by NiNY

Ornery show tonight. We got riffing on the lockout stuff and, well, it got real. I read a quote from Matt Majka in Russo's blog post tonight that set me off. We discussed it.

The Big Question

The new development is that the sides have agreed to official (non-binding) mediation. The question is, is this meaningful to the negotiations?

The Rundown

We rank the top five catch phrases or words associated with the lockout that most make us want to kill puppies at this point. Some fun ones in there.

The Arena

Can fans do anything in reaction to this lockout, that would impact whether there is a next lockout? In other words: do the fans have ANY leverage in these matters? So frustrating.

The Quote

Mike finds inspiration from Barry The Mullet Melrose for tonight's quote.

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